Quick win use cases for consumer-centric telcos using Brigr

Quick win use cases for consumer-centric telcos using Brigr

If you’ve spent any time on the internet lately, you’ve heard that today’s most successful businesses are the most consumer-centric ones, who prioritize ways to anticipate and respond to rapidly changing consumer behavior.

Telcos are working hard to impress subscribers in 2020, and this article will explore 4 low-hanging fruit use cases they can leverage, specifically around mobile data, to increase revenues, ARPU, and customer loyalty:

  1. Digital experience
  2. Transportation
  3. Entertainment
  4. Mobile finance

Brigr’s enterprise data and loyalty tool helps telcos address challenges in each of these use cases. Click here to check out our website.

1. Seamless digital experience in data sales

Telcos need to make the digital experience as smooth as possible, especially when it comes to accessing data. But getting connected can be a frustrating challenge for some users in what we refer to as underconnected segments, like prepaid customers who unexpectedly find themselves with a zero data balance and travelers attempting to connect to data abroad.

These users traditionally turn to wifi, prepaid topups, or purchasing a local SIM card. However wifi hotspots are often unreliable, topups can take too long to kick in, and a new SIM card can be inconvenient to manage for temporary visitors. Frustrations can lead to more calls to customer service and higher churn.

The Quick Win:

There are more and more automated tools, especially emerging startup technologies, telcos can implement quickly to streamline the mobile data experience. Brigr’s technology for example, which is free for telcos, integrates with their billing system in a few hours, and allows users to connect to partnered apps despite a zero balance. Brigr pays the telco full price for data used.

Image: Government of Telangana

2. Travel and transport apps anytime, anywhere

On-the-go consumers increasingly use smartphone apps to hail cabs, check train times, buy bus tickets, and check in to flights. These needs are urgent and difficult to predict, so telcos should focus on strategies to ensure subscribers can rely on having a connection anywhere, anytime. That includes while they’re traveling abroad -- currently, 70% of users turn off mobile data while traveling, which is a huge missed opportunity to facilitate this convenience when subscribers are someplace unfamiliar and difficult to navigate.

The Quick Win:

At Brigr we partner with the apps subscribers use for transport and travel. Smartphone users visiting from abroad can automatically connect to their favorite travel apps through a local telco network who is using Brigr, generating a new revenue stream for the telco and a less frustrating travel experience for the user.

Email us for a copy of Brigr’s free cost calculator to plug in your own numbers and see how much revenue you as a telco could be earning from international visitors!

3. Uninterrupted gaming (and ad viewership!)

Video is the biggest driver of mobile data traffic, and telcos are partnering with media providers like Netflix, Amazon, and others to offer VAS at discounted rates. To read about some of our favorite VAS offerings in the game right now, check out this blog post.

Another area of entertainment telcos can leverage is ad revenues from gaming apps. Mobile CPCs cost 40% less than desktop, and have 40% higher click-through rate.

Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

The Quick Win:

Deploying an enterprise data solution like Brigr means users will hardly notice if they run out of data during gameplay - they will continue to see ads and make in-app purchases and telcos have instant access to increased ad revenues without any extra work from sales or marketing. Once the technology is implemented, telcos simply let it run in the background to monetize gameplay happening while their users don’t have data.

4. Mobile banking done easily, securely, and from anywhere

As the fintech and banking industries collaborate and innovate more, subscribers expect to have access to these services at all times, securely. Regulatory certificates like the PCI DDS are required and can cause concerns for banks that their customers’ data will be accessed by third-party providers.

Telcos need to embrace innovation in the fintech industry, for example leveraging open API banking, while taking steps to ensure consumer data is safe.

The Quick Win:

As banks and their apps become more open to third party integrations, technology like Brigr provides the opportunity for telcos to increase revenues from consumers looking to make mobile payments without having a data balance. Our technology never interacts with users’ private financial data, so is a completely compliant, innovative way to meet consumer demands for mobile banking.

Emerging technologies and partnerships present opportunities for telcos to become more consumer-centric than ever in 2020. For more on how we help telcos make the most of them, shoot us an email at info@brigr.com.