Infographic: Mobile Gaming Surged 66% in March 2020

Infographic: Mobile Gaming Surged 66% in March 2020

Over at Brigr, we love a good mobile game, and recent data suggests the rest of you agree! While nearly 50% of the world’s population is stuck at home, we all need home-friendly ways to keep busy.

AdColony recently published a nifty infographic (below) showing the results of their latest survey on mobile game downloads and usage in the US. Here’s what they found:

●      Mobile gaming grew 24% over the last two weeks in March with nearly half (45%) of US users playing games on their smartphones

●      66% were playing games they already owned more often – up 30% during the first half of March 2020.

●      Around 33% of survey respondents said they played games on their smartphones multiple times a day, an increase of 8%

●      858 million apps were downloaded in one week in March

On top of that, Verizon recently reported that gaming app use was up 75% week-on-week from March 12-19.

At Brigr we work with telcos and app developers to get more users connected to gaming apps, more often. There are opportunities for telcos to leverage the increases we’re seeing lately and reach users they weren’t able to before.

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